Alvarium                                                     Design Competition: Alternate Realities 2020 Charette
Utopia, Equality, Unity.
It is the year 2165 and against all odds, a new species has evolved to create a foothold in the carcass of the former civilization. The ruins left by humanity have allowed the previously endangered bee species to thrive and construct monuments for the glory of the hive mentality of community living. They began as a society of “equals“ that stood to benefit all, however, that quickly changed when a select few began to manipulate a crack in the system in order to rise to the top. This crack began to expand and soon enough the bourgeoi-bees began to segregate the worker class bees to the lower depths of the hive. Different sized pods began to creep into the walls of the hive as everyone started to fend for themselves. With the worker bees and bourgeoi-bees at constant arms,the truth of the hive reveals itself. 
Dystopia, Injustice, Unrest.
Alvarium is a reflection on the injustices found within our own society such as systemic racism, and how that bleeds into classism. It also identifies the degradation of neighbourhoods as a direct cause of discrimination. Alvarium is indicative of our own society where we often turn a blind eye towards the silent pleas of those who are suffering everyday. The hubris of humanity is when we are able to identify injustices in a visual illustration, yet remain ignorant of the inequity within our own society.

Group Members: Arkoun Merchant, Nadia Maarouf, Mire Burghed

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