Copa Dourada
Vale de Moses Yoga Retreat, Portugal
    Nestled in the heart of the Sierra de Estrela range lies an escape in the mountainside; a sanctuary to reconnect with nature and allow the mind to heal from the trepidations of the modern world. After a full day of relaxing activities at Vale de Moses Yoga Retreat, ‘Copa Dourada’ welcomes each guest for a restful night’s stay. Upon entering each pod, the guests are welcomed into a cozy entry space including a wood stove, comfortable seating and a winding stair which brings them into a private guest room boasting an unmatched view of the valley. In order to create harmony between the natural and built environment, the pod’s design is tiered to conform to the natural landscape of the site. This raised platform also allows for minimal ground penetration and presents an elevated perspective for the guests. 
    The naming of the pods is inspired by the rich earth tones of the site as well as the owners’ story of Moses, their Golden Retriever. ‘Copa Dourada’, meaning “golden canopy” resonates with the warm wood hues of design along the hillside.

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