The Arsenault
“The simple things in life are also the most extraordinary things and only the wise can see them.” - Paulo Coelho.
As a medium, wood never ceases to amaze those that compare a carving or furniture to the trunk from which it came. In fact, the process by which wood is manufactured into goods that are consumed daily is a testament to the versitility of a fairly mundane material. As such, “The Arsenault” is a design restricted by using only Plywood and 2x4’s commonly found at any big box store. The goal was to create a detail using these materials and allowing a design to come forth. Thus, the ideal place to begin was to look for the part of the material often hidden in furniture projects - the endgrain. Plywood endgrain in particular features an interesting set of layers that - when cut at certain angles - creates intriguing patterns such as Chevrons, Sqaures, and Hexagons. With the detail decided, the form of the stool flowed accordingly to accentuate the patterns and create a sturdy yet elegant furniture piece. 

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